Saturday 31 March 2012

...because it is Barcelona beach time already!

I was very excited that today was a beach day....a very early spring beach day, which included an early (and painful) summer swim. It is not usually warm enough for the beach in March. Happy Barcelona beach days are on the way.

UN BESO: from Playa Bogatell X

...the day that I wasn't besotted with Barcelona.. Thursday 29 March.

29 March 2012. The day of the nationwide huelga (strike, in demonstration against austerity measures). I don't understand, or have the answers, to the economic problems of Spain and Europe,  but I dont think that destroying buildings and burning rubbish bins and smashing windows and bringing cities to a standstill, is going to help resuce the Spanish economy. (Although, it was good for the economy of the vidrieros (glass windowers fitters).   
It was a little bit scary.  
There were no besos from Barcelona today.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

...because Valencia is just down the road...

Centre of Arts & Science

El Puerto

La playa

Home of the Valencia Orange!

Tyris Artesenal Beer
I am not such a fan of beer but the packaging is cool!

Castillo with authentic canon holes.

Pintor Salvador Abril,28, Valencia
Some of the tastiest tapas in town. 

UN BESO: Valencia, Valencia X

Monday 26 March 2012

....because just like that... it is Spring!!...

I go away for the weekend, the clocks gain their summer time hour and the green leaves of spring sprout! Just like that...overnight.. springtime!! Happy, happy days!

UN BESO: from the official and unequivocal arrival of Primavera X

Wednesday 21 March 2012

...because just down on my street is my favourite little cafe...

...that gets the sunshine...

..perfect for an after gym wine... (yes, I know that isn't quite right!) summer under the trees...

...and it has cool papier mache (covered) setas, each one is different...
...and a delicatessen...

No-one cooks like you!

Cornelia & Co!

UN BESO: Cornelia & Co, Calle Valencia X

Monday 19 March 2012

...because it is calçotada time in the countryside...

An hour by train from Barcelona is a picturesqe pueblo called Altafulla (which did, perplexingly, appear uninhabitated when we wandered through it at 1pm).  We went to for an authentic Calçotada lunch (a calçot is a big spring onion) at a restaurant called Faristol.  The calçots are cooked in a hot oven in the ground and then served with Romasco sauce.  Bib required.  I say, if you bib is clean you haven't enjoyed the calçots!! Following the onions a hearty country meal is served.

UN BESO: Altafulla and the Calçotada at restaurant Faristol x