Friday 12 December 2014

...because of some spectacular sunrises....

...summer time is over and I am up to see the sunrise!

UN BESO: (unfiltered) spectacular sunrises, X

Monday 1 December 2014

...because of the best creperia, Chulapio....

...a cool little bar that serves both cocktails and crepes. Artisanal and delicious. It is a different concept (one I hadn't thought about) but they make it work.   - you can combine cocktails and crepes!! 

UN BESO: Chulapio Cocktails & Crepes- Raval, C. Botella, 2, X
(They also are at C.Ample, 12)

Sunday 23 November 2014

...because of an old little bodega called La Tinaja...

... tucked away in El Born, hidden behind a little wooden door, is a this old style bodega, overflowing with artifacts and ambience.  The food is country style tapas, serving the pan con tomate that you prepare yourself. Delicous, friendly and cosy.

UN BESO: La Tinaja, C. d'Esparteria, 9, x

Sunday 9 November 2014

...because of the artisinal Gallery Market...

About once a month, there is a fashionable little market at the Gallery Hotel, put on by Barcelona Events & Markets. There are artisinal fashion stalls, a wine bar, a jazz singer/DJ and a cool vibe.  There really is also something for everyone (my friends and I found!).
The next one is on the 21/22 November (just in time for Christmas shopping), and if you don't want a shop, it is a nice place to stop for a wine.

UN BESO: Gallery Market, C. Rosellon 249, X

Wednesday 5 November 2014

...because of the very picturesque Calella de Palafrugell....

 ...1.5 hours north of Barcelona, situated on the Costa Brava is the very picturesque little beachside  pueblo of Calella de Palafrugell.  Quiet, peaceful and scenic, it also has one of my favourite restaurants in the world.. Restaurant Fiego. Located on the beach and serving paella and fideua while your barefeet rest in the sand. Bliss!

UN BESO: Calella de Palafrugell, & Restaurant Fiego X 

Monday 27 October 2014

...because of a beach day in October..... the sun rose on the last day of summer time, Barcelona was blessed with one more day for the beach! Besotted!

UN BESO: an October beach day, X

Saturday 11 October 2014

...because of more of beautiful Barcelona by boat...

...making the most of the last warm days.  There is something special about seeing Barcelona from the sea.

UN BESO: Barcelona by boat, X

Monday 6 October 2014

...because of Ronda (more from the South)...

...spectacular Ronda, the little white pueblo, perched high on the hill, protected by the sheer cliff faces. A town with a rich history and a place to enjoy all that is quintessentially Spanish.

UN BESO: Ronda, Andalucía, X