Thursday 18 February 2016

...because of the wonderful water fountains.....





...once upon time when there was not running water connected in every house, water was collected from various sources around the city. Over time some of these fountains were built to be quite beautiful and continue to be used today.  Many of the iron ones dating from the late 19th century.

Of course, maybe the most famous one is the Canaletes Fountain on Ramblas- legend says that if you drink from this one, you will fall in love with Barcelona and return.  It is also where Barça fans go to celebrate any victory!

UN BESO: the wonderful water fountains, X

Wednesday 10 February 2016

....because of the little shop of restoration, ViraVolta....


...ViraVolta, a place where furniture is given a new life - by you or by the team. You can buy something restored or take to the workshop yourself and resurrect your own piece - a perfect space, especially for those who don't have it at home. A charming little store filled with vintage treasures. 

UN BESO: ViraVolta, Carrer d'En Monec, 5, 

Wednesday 3 February 2016

...because of the cool ceveseria, Vinitus...



... one of my all time favourite tapas bars (and also the first one I ever went to), Ceveseria Catalana, has opened a cool cousin on Consell de Cent called Vinitus. The same tasty tapas, efficent service but in a uber chic setting. Good for lunch, dinner or anytime of the afternoon for a wine and a tapas. Definitely a new favourite!

UN BESO: Vinitus, Consell de Cent, 333, X