Sunday 26 June 2016

...because of beautiful Begur......




...beautiful Begur on the Costa Brava, an hour and half north of Barcelona.  It is stunningly picturesque, with its old medieval castle overlooking the town, its medieval streets and 16th century towers and the majestic Pyrenees as its backdrop. And just down the hill are the beaches with their crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Summer bliss.

UN BESO: Begur, X

Thursday 16 June 2016

...because here comes my favourite night of the year.... Noche de Sant Juan on the 23rd June. A night that celebrates the start of summer and the summer solstice with all night firecrackers and bonfires!   A night of fun and fiesta when the whole city celebrates. A night to cleanse the soul (by jumping over a fire) and wash of the sins (by taking a midnight swim)! (Although I love the night, I haven't embraced the celebrations that much!)  
FUN - but keep and eye out not to lose an eye from a wayward flying firecracker!

UN BESO: Firecrackers of Sant Juan, X