Sunday 31 March 2013

...because Good Friday is from carrots to Christ...

...same street, same day, different corner. The sombre to the silly. And yet, not a chocolate easter ego in sight.  The old and the new traditions of Barcelona... almost collide.

UN BESO: Barcelona Viernes Santos, Good Friday, X

Monday 25 March 2013

...because of the MNAC on Montjuïc...

...Catalan culture in a palace on a hill.  The Museum of National Art of Cataluña (MNAC) is situated in the magnificent palace (built for the World Exhibition) at Plaza España. It contains an extensive display of rescued murals from the walls of Medieval chuches in the Pirineos (see my Salardú post) through to examples of Modernist Catalan art.  It is fascinating and rich example of all art Catalan.

UN BESO: MNAC on Montjuïc, X

Sunday 17 March 2013

...because of a Random Act of Kindness...

... on a grey Sunday morning, having coffee with friends, a kind old man, who had been next door in the florista buying a bunch for his wife, stopped by to give each of us a white orchid and wish us a happy day. In a city where you are contstantly hounded by beggers and pick pockets, today reaffirmed the goodness that is here too!

UN BESO: a random stranger and a random act of kindness, X

Wednesday 13 March 2013

...because of the legend that is Barça...

...Finally,  I visit Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona Football Club to watch Barça play again La Coruña.  A thrill to watch the team live on the field.  And even better when they won!

UN BESO: Camp Nou, Barcelona, X

Sunday 10 March 2013

...because of stunning Salardú...

...situated in the Vall D'Aran.  This medieval vilage (with a permanent poplulation of about 478) is picturesque at every point.  I am fascinated by the rich history of this isolated valley, one example being the thirteenth century sculptures that have survived in the church of Sant Andreu de Salardú.

UN BESO: stunning Salardú,  Vall D'Aran, X

Tuesday 5 March 2013

..because I am now Baquiera besotted...

...back at beautiful and breathtaking Baquiera/Beret in the Vall D'Aran, in the north of is spectacular. 

UN BESO: Baquiera/Beret,  3.5 hours drive north of Barcelona, X