Tuesday 20 December 2011

...because you never know who you will see on a quiet night out for dinner...

...at our favourite restaurant...

..just over there... 
ooooohhh... La Pantoja!!!

... as seen in every ¡Hola! magazine (every week!)

"La Pantoja" is the Madonna of Spain (although less modern) and she happened to come in to the restaurant that we were dining in.  It is our favourite local restaurant (literally next door).  The blinds were pulled, there was flurry of activity...and her and her entourage entered.  I only knew who she was because I read ¡Hola! every week (for my Spanish!). My spanish professor/friend thought it was an excellent opportunity to practice my formal spanish, however, I blatantly refused, and so my friend then needed to ask for autographs for his friend  (me!) who (apparently) is a fan..!!!

UN BESO:  Jospehine y La Pantoja X

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