Friday 15 June 2012

...because the best gazpacho can be bought in a carton...

...just like milk, but better...and at ALL supermarkets!
(Of course, my spanish friends will say the best is home-made but this is quick, easy and tastes very good to me!)
UN BESO: Alavalle Gazpacho X


  1. Yeah baby, Alvalle is the best Gazpacho!!
    (unless you live with your mum...).
    I wanted to contact you, but didn´t find where to do it!
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    No spam-like but "use the net"-like.

    If you are somehow interested I´ll give you a free lesson, so you can see how my lessons work!
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    Keep enjoying BCN!!


  2. I love Gazpacho but it's quite rare to find it in supermarkets in the UK. However, I have just found that Ocado and Waitrose stock Alvalle so I have ordered some to try it out!

    1. Hey Paul,
      Thanks, that is good news for when I visit the UK. It is my favourite!

  3. I am in California and have just returned from Barcelona. That Gazpacho was so good, and I don't even like Gazpacho! I really wish there was a way to get it her in the States!