Monday 2 July 2012

...because the first shopping day of July is SALE day...

Let the shopping frenzy begin!

UN BESO:  Las Rebajas! €€€ X


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  2. Hi Sarafina, nice to meet you.

    I got here via expat

    I'm visiting barcelona for 5 days on sat 7th July.

    I'm staying near Liceu Metro station which I think is pretty good as far as location goes?

    I'm hoping to spend a little time drawing and taking in the sights but wondered whether there were any good social events.

    I'm travelling alone and have been warned by a few friends about pickpocketing, but i'm sure its no different to London. I'd like the opportunity to make new friends and maybe hang-out for a couple of the days.

    If you have any advice or can share any good music venues, bars & galleries, it would be much appreciated.

    I'm particularly interested in Graphic Design & Illustration.