Monday 20 August 2012

...because of the little summer beach casas at Garraf...

Just 20 minutes by train from Barcelona (station Passieg de Gracia), is a tiny beachside pueblo called Garraf.  The beach is nestled in a cove and is very pictureque.  And nestled in the beach, not seen from above or the passing train, is a quaint row of beach casitas, tiny little summer vacation homes. I would like one!

UN BESO: Las casitas at Garraf, X


  1. They look so cool! Can you rent any of them or are they all private?

    1. Rob, they are really cool (I imagine they are magic for sunset and night time). They appear to be private (I have asked locals) and I can't find information online if they are available to as rental. I will continue my investigation!